“Monia Re, the first certified Wedding Planner in Italy”

- VanityFair, Style -

I am the creative director of ‘Kairòs - Monia Re Events’ and the designer of exclusive weddings and successful business events, and I characterize each emotion with a strong ‘Made in Italy’ identity.

Kairòs is a “sartorial” event planning company based in Cuneo/Piedmont and founded in 2006.

Since ever I live to travel and during my journeys I find inspiration and intuition for my projects. What do I like the best about myself? My curiosity. I think being curious truly helps getting enriched!

My Mission is giving a real shape to desires, finding the right measure between simplicity and elegance, tradition and innovation, with perfectly balanced shapes, colors and flavors.

The winning strategy is working with brilliant professional collaborators, who make every effort to create authentic and unique events and reach targets beyond expectations.

My projects stage priceless and exclusive sensory experiences, essence of my passions and expertise.



My motto is #creatingemotionstobelived

“The Yes, I Do lady. She’s the most popular wedding planner in Italy. She plans fairytale weddings with the determination of an Amazon and the style of an etiquette specialist”

- Unico People & Style -

Magic in constant exploration and contamination
Harmony in shapes and colors
Energy in events full of personality
Elegance in standing out and not being lost in emptiness.

I create long lasting emotions!”

- Monia Re -