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Welcome to the page dedicated to personalized wedding consultancies. If you are a bride wishing to organize the wedding on your own, you simply need the advice of a professional, or you are facing the preparation of your big day in these months of uncertainty during the Covid-19 emergency, well, then you are in the right place!

If you have decided to organize a "do-it-yourself" wedding, you are well aware you often end up dealing with major crossroads or unusual situations never experienced before. For example, a friend suggests a way having worked for her, but then you soon realize that for you, maybe, the right one could be another. But which one?

You do searches on the web and find anything and everything. So many wedding ideas making you even more confused. In similar situations, often all you need is the help of a professional to get started again. Do you know that one of the most common phrases that brides tell me is "I have many ideas, but all confused"? It’s normal!

You may be in the midst of planning and then something blocks you: a problem you cannot solve, too many settings overlapping, a request putting you in crisis, a delicate family situation to be settled or you simply lack the ideas and solutions to make your big day unique. You don't know where to get help and then you panic, but marriage and anxiety don't get along!

Furthermore, if you have decided to get married in 2020, you are also facing a moment of great uncertainty driven by Coronavirus; in this period the best thing to do is to rely on an expert professional who knows how to react without delay to this scenario. This professional figure could offer immediate and effective solutions on the handling and / or rescheduling of the wedding, with particular attention in the communication to the guests. And as I say in these cases, "the wedding will be even more beautiful!".

So I recommend not to panic or throw away valuable time, nor to cast a shadow on your childhood dream.

Collect your ideas and keep with jealousy all the
wedding photographs you gathered in these months. In the end, however, it’s important to stop for a moment and come to a decision. If you wish to organize a fairytale wedding, I have a simple and swift proposal for you: a personalized consultancy to explore your needs and solve your doubts promptly, giving you concrete, feasible and winning answers.

What does wedding consultancy involve?

First, we put order together, and if you need, also a little skimming about the wedding ideas you have collected. I listen to your dream and your needs and we plan jointly all the required operations, from the moment we start our collaboration until the wedding day.

What will we do together?

You tell me your wishes, everything that happened before we met, what choices have already been made, the uncertainties, the doubts, what is worrying you, what you would like to do but you are afraid of not being able to and where you get bogged down. And I just listen to you!

I identify immediately the problems having stopped you in the organization of your wedding. Then, I offer you the solutions to be put into practice straightaway to fix your situation, so that you can look again at your most beautiful day with all the serenity and wonder it deserves.

I provide the basics to arrange your wedding with confidence and autonomy. If necessary, I will also give you digital cards to plan your wedding properly and professionally, the result of 15 years working as a professional Wedding Planner.

Why should I rely on you and not on someone else?

I think if you are reading this page on my website it’s because something has piqued your curiosity or my name has been reported to you. I have "lived" in events and weddings for almost 15 years, I built my job on my passion. I create emotions to be lived and despite the heaviness of this historical period, I would not be able to imagine marriage in a different way. I have never made any compromises when it comes to ethics and professionalism. If you don't know me yet, I invite you to read this page where I tell you  "who I am" or to watch these pictures of some of the weddings arranged in recent years. If you like my approach, if you think I can accompany you right now, contact me and we will talk about it together.

How much does your professional consultancy cost?

The first consulting on the phone - in the Covid 19 emergency period - to understand your needs and give you some tips on “how to rescue” your marriage is totally free.

In this occasion, I will ask you some questions to understand better what you need in concrete, if you are interested in taking a journey with me to fix your problems and, if so, which my involvement should be. In this way, we could build together the right advice for you, and consequently I will be able to inform you with earnestness about the price adapted to your needs.

I also wish to let you know that these particular consulting services are not binding, you will not have to choose me as your wedding planner, but on this occasion I will only be your consultant for a wedding you can carry out independently, but without anxiety, having more time to dedicate to yourself and getting a result beyond your expectations.

I’m waiting for you!