Our name is built on the ability of creating elegant weddings, exclusive sceneries and fairytale atmospheres.

Inspired by the sense of beauty, we take care of the creative project and customize every single wedding detail. We interpret dreams and coordinate our partners like the best conductor with musicians, taking all the “instruments” towards the same direction and creating the perfect harmony among them. 

To dare more and more is a challenge!

For this reason we organized weddings inside museums and underground cathedrals, at the lake, on ski slopes, in disused factories, woods, castles, wineries, vineyards,...

Decorating a wedding is not only to build a beautiful setting in the church or put a nice table in a location. It means creating a design project narrating the grooms’ personalities and their Love story through the interpretation of their dreams and the attention to every detail.

We listen and observe their style, recreating it as a “tailored dress”, always different and unique. We fit into the spaces like excellent designers. We know the market trends. We set up refined ceremonies. We study and plan the right lightning, graphics, flower styling... We collaborate with the best partners in Italy. Give us a try!



  • Initial consultancy
  • Bridal Styling
  • Legal requirements and paperwork for the wedding
  • Budgeting
  • Location scouting
  • Search for the best partners in Italy (flower designer, light designer, cake designer, make-up artist, photography and video makers,…)
  • Emotional catering and banqueting
  • Entertainment selection
  • Wedding gifts
  • Guest transfers and accommodation
  • Events timing and logistics management  
  • Set-up and dismantling supervision
  • Service and partner supervision during the wedding day
  • Event direction


  • Wedding Decor & Styling
  • Wedding Suite graphic design