Kaiṛs was born in 2006 as the first agency for wedding organization in Cuneo and since 2014 Monia Re has been the first certified wedding planner in Italy.

During the years we have built our reputation on honesty and ability to create elegant weddings, unic scenic designs and amazing atmospheres. Inspired byt the sense of beauty, we take care of the creative project and we customize every single detail of the nuptials. We interpret dreams and we coordinate all the vendors just like the best orchestra leader could do with his musicians, bringing together all the instruments in the same direction, creating the perfect melody.

We work all over Italy and we select only the best wedding vendors on the market. Our goal is the research of perfection for each project and this helps us to get always impeccable results. Thanks to our ten-year experience in the field of luxury events and of refined weddings in Italy, Kaiṛs designs bespoke weddings, in the name of the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance, stripping the superflous to reach magical momenbts, those always dreamt of!

Our philosophy
1. We believe in dreams
2. We believe that dreams can come true
3. We believe in True Love 
4. We believe that for each real love there is a marvellous fairytale to be told
5. We believe that wedding is the chest of magic
6. We do our best to organize each wedding with a hint of fun and to spread it to everybody
7. We design trying to enhance the simplicity of the little things
8. We are certain that behind simplicity you can find the purest elegance
9. We firmly believe that nothing is impossible when organizing a wedding
10. We are certain that we can find also what does not exhist and if we don’t find it we can purposely create it!
11. We are firmly convinced that beautiful things are priceless!