Kaiṛs is an agency organizing events and based in Cuneo, Piemonte. Starting from  2006 we are dedicated solely to the creation, the designing and the organisation of exclusive events and weddings, characterized by a versatile style and always elegant. Being the first wedding planning agency in Cuneo, today Kaiṛs proves to be a leading brand in the world of private and business events, thanks also to its branches in Piemonte and Lombardia.

Our aim is to understand the needs of our customer, to submit original solutions, to coordinate  all the vendors with the utmost professionalism in order to make dreams come true. The right balance between simplicity and refinement, between tradition and innovation, relising the perfect balance of shapes, colours and flavors. We believe we are the best investment that a company can make when communicating its …. on the market.

Our winning strategy is to collaborate with a team of established professionals, accurate and responsible, always working to make each event unique, trying to overcome that goal that goes beyond expectations.
We create emotions to live intensely!

Curiosity… this is the meaning of the word Kaiṛs.
Kaiṛs is a word from the ancient greek language that means “the propitious opportunity, the favourable moment”. The ancient Greeks used two words to state the time: the “chronos” and the “kairos”. The first word relates to the chronological time, while Kaiṛs has a qualitative character and states a favourable moment when something special happens. For this reason our company’s name is Kaiṛs because we are convinced that your event will be really something special and unforgettable.