The project “L’Orto delle Arti” was born at the beginning of 2015. It’s a dynamic event, conceived to give the opportunity to cultivate everybody’s passions, hobbies and to let everybody devote enthusiasm to what they love to be. It’s a new way to do aggregation with several spaces for all the family, intended to creativity, to manual skills, to well-being and relax.

Many activities all different from each other and in the same context, giving priority to workshops, chats with experts, musical meetings, movie shows, meetings concerning exciting themes, theatrical activities, rendezvous with friends and a lot more.

“L’Orto delle Arti” ia a space where each one can open a drawer of dreams left behind and do the things that they have always wanted to do. Art is all around us and inside everything we do, when cultivated it can only grow further! And everything may be art. 

Media partner:
LA STAMPA, UNICO People & style, TargatoCn, Zankyou, Radio 103.
Con il patrocinio di:
Regione Piemonte, EXPO 2015 Padiglione Italia, Marcovaldo, Fondazione Filatoio Rosso, Comune di Caraglio.